Growth Issues in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada


Purpose: to consolidate research about what one Canadian considers "life-wrecking" residential growth in my community. I consider the Midhurst Secondary Plan as just the 1st and most visible manifestation of these issues. Other related issues are: Springwater Provincial park, township and county administrative and political situations, First Nations, provincial oversight, regulatory capture, community activism, etc.

  • I intend on adding the most recent documents first.

What you see represents the 2014 published media articles that I am starting to transfer over from (see here). I will be adding the relevant emails, Springwater News and other traditional articles, social media (ie. weblogs, Facebook pages, tweets, etc.), transcripts, papers, freedom of information responses, reports.

What is now in, and emerging from, "the cloud" is a document-based mechanism, self-teaching tool which may be useful in more accurately assigning the "opportunism risk" (reputation) of the individuals and institutions involved in our "community of communities".

Number of documents archived and indexed in this wiki as of May 6, 2015: 200

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PS: Anyone that would like to have articles appearing in this wiki can contact me and I will take a look and archive what I think is helpful.